Content Tile Sorting

  1. Re-ordering Content Tiles
  2. Full List of Content Tiles

Re-ordering Content Tiles

The Content Tile Sorting option allows the host application to change the order of the content tiles in the editor’s sidebar. This allows the host application to display the content blocks that are most important for their users first, and even provide additional visibility for a Custom Addon.

To use this feature, the host application must simply pass in the preferred order inside the configuration passed at plugin initialization, like so:

  // ...
  defaultModulesOrder: [
  // ...

The host application can pass as many or as few content blocks as they want. If only one content tile is specified, then only that content tile will be placed at the top, and the rest of the content tiles will follow the default order.

For Custom/Partner Addons, the host application passes the “Content Title” value found in the Addon section of the developer portal’s Application Configuration.

Full List of Content Tiles

1. Heading (Title)
2. Text
3. Image
4. Button
5. Divider
6. Spacer
7. Social
8. DynamicContent
9. Html
10. Video
11. Form
12. Icons
13. Menu
14. Carousel
15. ---- AddOns ----